Essential accessories for your Mobile

Of-late, market is lined up with huge number of mobile devices from low-end to top-end,  different manufacturers, different sizes, features etc. And can’t miss out Chinese players entering Indian market with great set of devices at reasonable costs. And big giants started to cut down their prices, offers a lot to public, where we end up buying a mobile. Here I’m going to give some essential accessories, which in one way or other enhances your smart phones. This list is irrespective of models and brands.

1. Power banks:


Charging on the go!!!

Now a days, the smart phone manufacturers gives priority to Screen sizes, Processors, RAM etc., but leave out the battery, just like that. On a normal use, a 4.5″ screen phone definitely needs a minimum 2800mAh battery, to live through out the day. But only few models, equipped with a good battery. Even most of the top end smart phones fail in battery life.  Literally, out of every 10 smart phone users, 7 end up draining their battery before reaching their home. There’s is something called ‘battery life anxiety’ whenever we use our phone, bit heavily,  we end up looking for charger ports, chargers etc. And there are people, who end up buying a phone, only for the battery!!!

To overcome all those troubles, Power Banks are the only solution. Power banks are really a great gift,(to ourselves) when we’re traveling.

2. OTG Pendrives:


Add more to your storage!!!

One way or other, Mobile manufacturers, leave out some of the core things, that makes a perfect phone imperfect(intentionally or unintentionally, though I doubt the last part). To reduce the cost, and give out a better product, some of the manufacturers leave users no option with the storage memory. Not leaving users with a external storage is a huge loss for a buyer. A good spec phone often has a higher Megapixel Camera, when a picture taken with the highest resolution, it will definitely consume a little higher storage space. And one should not forget the use of Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Youtube etc., on the modern day. If you’re a frequent user, then you might be aware of the shared/ tagged videos, photos, links etc., will definitely consume a huge space.

Thanks to OTG Pendrives, where its make user life little messy. As of the recent releases, most smart phone support OTG pendrives. OTG pendrives are very useful to transfer data between the Mobile and the PC. Users can carry their personalized updated Music, ebooks easily. I would suggest all users irrespective of storage location to try it, you’ll definitely feel amazed by its use.

Also, Users can find OTG Card Readers or even a OTG Cable, as an alternative.

(to be continued)

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